View my latest painting COAYBAY on the Mushroom Magic interactive exhibit on the Vision Train.



Taino, born in Kiskeya, known today as the Dominican Republic. Raised in Washington Heights and in the Bronx in NYC since early childhood, Alex attended the High School of Art & Design and graduated with a B.S. from Syracuse University's School of Information Studies and a master's degree from the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts at NYU with a focus on digital design.

Alex's work explores spiritual subject matter deeply rooted in mystical symbolism, shamanism, buddhism and personal insights channeled through mediation and plant medicines. These visualizations serve as "portals" into the nature of mind.

With over 18 years as a professional graphic designer/digital art director, Alex combines digital and traditional old masters techniques, known as the Mischtechnik, to create a unique form of visual expression. Alex is also a certified Usui Reiki master/practitioner since 2012 with a long lineage of natural native healers within his own family and ancestral lineage. Alex infuses each and every artwork with healing intention, so that anyone who gazes upon his work regardless of their creed receives transmissions and insight into one's own divinity and unique capacity to heal from within.


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